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Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Do you have vibratory bowl feeders in your company that are worn-out due to so many years of work? Is their inner lining damaged or ruined?

If this is your case, you might have noticed that production decreases over time, because the parts do not travel smoothly. You may have more jamming with related downtime that you need to urgently act on so as not to slow down scheduled production. Anyone who works in a such production chain, the department or production manager is familiar with this problem and knows that it is not easy to find a solution. In fact, usually the vibrator is integrated into a line and the line manufacturer does not intervene in this type of maintenance. Often even the manufacturer of the vibrating feeders is not interested in intervening quickly and promptly in a product that is no longer under warranty.

We have the solution: the Vibro-remade restoration and maintenance service


Why to rely

Increase in production

You can eliminate poor production and machine downtime and increase production by 25%.

Circular economy

With our rubber lining restoration service, we reduce waste, and we are sustainable.


We can complete in record time what would otherwise take days of work.


Reliability and professionalism for more than 40 years.

Save money

You can save money significantly by not investing in a new vibrator.


Satisfied and refunded beyond our 12-month warranty.


Noise reduction by more than 15%.


We work on bowl feeders of different brands (RNA, Tumac, Brovind, etc.) both in stainless steel and aluminium.


POWERGRIP has been our standardized method for more than 40 years.

We stand out for our precision and attention to details, ensuring that each lining is executed with care and expertise according to our POWERGRIP method, which has been well-established over the years.

Case history

Our findings

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